A Family Business for Over 100 Years!
If you've ever wanted to visit the most incredible, most creative auto body and metalworking shop; you have to see the work being done at Hardy's auto body. While they still do auto body and general auto repairs, their expertise extends to creating unique vehicles of all types... from motorcycles to the restoration of classic cars. It doesn't stop there.  Fred Hardy the owner and local assistant harbormaster also designs and builds houseboats and unique sculptures, some of which are showcased in the photo gallery. Assisted by his son Brice and friend Tom, this team’s enthusiasm for their work is contagious.

Ask Fred about the shop’s history and you'll hear how his grandfather started the business fixing horse pulled buggies. The business was then inherited by Fred's father and is now owned by Fred.  His son Brice has been working at this family business alongside his father for over 25 years. The novel design and painting techniques developed by Fred are so special that they are being retained in the family as "trade secrets". Want custom paint on your car or bike that is truly unique?  Visit the shop, let them know what you have in mind and watch the creativity start!